Operation Smile – Martin Luther King Day Project – January 21, 2019

GFWC-Tellico Village provides Operation Smile with supplies as part of their International Outreach Department.  A sewing session was held on MLK Day on January 21 to work on Smile Bands, Smile Dolls and Blankets.  Twelve of our members spent their time and efforts sewing, ironing, cutting ribbon and stuffing dolls.  With the work at our session and the work members did at home, we completed 150 Smile Bands.  These bands are reinforced with tongue depressors and are used on a child or infant’s elbow to keep them from reaching their wound.


Soups On – Child Advocacy Center Fundraiser – January 17, 2019

GFWC members helped to prepare the soups served at the Child Advocacy Center’s annual Soups On fundraiser on January 17, 2019.



Comfort Kits to Fort Loudon Medical Center – October 2, 2018

A project recently added to those that GFWC-TV support is providing Comfort Kits to the emergency department at Fort Loudon Medical Center in Lenoir City, TN.  These kits are given to rape victims after suffering the trauma of rape, going to the hospital, being questioned by police and then turning over all of their clothes for evidence.  When the victim leaves the hospital, they have also lost all their dignity.  The Comfort Kits are provided so that the victims can leave the hospital in comfortable cleans clothes and hopefully feeling cared for.  The kits contain a pair of sweats, underwear, socks, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash.




Child Advocacy Center Tour

In July, several of our members took a tour of the Child Advocacy Center.  This provided our members an opportunity to learn more about the Center and ways our club could participate.




Tellico Village Fire Department Open House

Every year the Tellico Fire Department holds an Open House for the village residents.   This year several of our members helped by distributing information about the Vial of Life, TDOT and GFWC.  The Vial of Life program helps First Responders by placing a sticker on your front door to indicate that a bag with medical information is attached to the refrigerator.

Lake Shore Clean-Up

Lake Shore Clean-Up was held Saturday, March 24.  Nine members participated in the East Lakeshore clean-up effort around Tellico Lake.  Each year, tons of trash are removed from the Lakeshore prior to TVA raising the lake to summer levels.


CPR Volunteer

Congratulations to GFWC member Jan Sampson!  Fire Chief Don Skelekie presented Jan with a service award for volunteer CPR classes taught.  What a great service to our Tellico Village Community!